We designed 7 tools specifically aimed at improving Family Businesses’ operations in a intuitive and effective way.

Self Assessment Tool

To evaluate on a series of indicators in some strategical area for FB, such as HR, management and governance. The SAT aims at promoting self-awareness and identifying strengths and facets to be improved.

Family Enterprise Check List

A “guiding tool” to support family enterprises in asking the right questions about business functions, family aspects and governance issues.

Family Enterprise Guidelines

An in-depth follow-up on the topics brought up by the Checklist.

Family Pact template

An overview on the tools used at partnership’s countries level and at European level to facilitate succession in the family business

Cybersecurity checklist for Family Business

To identify potential lack of digital knowledge and skills which could determine risks in the Cyber Security of the family business

Emergency Checklist

To self-evaluating business risks and preparing or updating the emergency manual of the family business.

VESTA Knowledge Bank

A collection of all resources, tools and trainings emerged from the Mapping of the Family Enterprise Ecosystem