PGZ is a membership-based Chambers of Commerce. PGZ mission is to educate its members and representation of their needs and goals towards the government and other decision makers in the country and abroad. PGZ strive to create business opportunities for home companies outside Slovenia and foreign investors in the Primorska region (western part of Slovenia).

The Chamber is very much involved in connecting the education sector (especially technical oriented schools) with regional economic reality.

PGZ work covers region of Obalno – kraška with more than 5400 mostly SME and ME companies in various sectors. Dominant sectors are metal industry, logistics and tourism.

PGZ is a key player in regional entreprenour’s support framework and is very actively linking University of Primorska, other R&D structures and local communities with the regional economic reality. PGZ has very strong links with other regional Chambers of Commerce in Slovenia, but also in Croatia, Italy, Serbia and other countries.

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