Vesta research and analysis successfully completed!



The Consortium of the Erasmus+ VESTA project "Vocational Educational Solutions and Tools for fAmily enterprises" has successfully completed the research and analysis phase regarding the situation of Family Enterprises in the partner countries (Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Germany) and in Europe.

Thanks to the effort of all Partners, Country Snapshots, Infographics and an Executive Summary of the results are now available and freely accessible on the VESTA platform. In the various documents, it will be possible to find information related to: legal definitions, quantitative indicators, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, training needs of Family Businesses.

This effort started from a recognized lack of information on this kind of enterprises: a significant level of fragmentation prevents the identification of priority actions and strategic lines, much less the adoption of policies and programs at European and national level to support Family Enterprises.
The documents developed have also laid the foundations for the other products of VESTA project: tools to improve the management of Family Enterprises such as self-assessment tools of the internal situation and micro training pills.

To learn more about Family Businesses, discover the products realized so far by visiting the VESTA project platform by accessing the link: