Erasmus+ VESTA project consortium meets in Malaga to celebrate the outstanding results aimed at the strengthening of European family business



The two years of project implementation coincided with the COVID19 pandemic, and on the 20th of September 2022 the partnership had finally the opportunity to meet face-to-face in Malaga for the project closing meeting, to celebrate the outstanding VESTA products, results of a common effort of all participant organizations.

The VESTA Platform, offers a wide range of different products: from in-depth mapping of the family business ecosystem in Europe, to specifically designed tools and training courses. Users will have the opportunity to identify, in self-assessment, the strengths and weaknesses of their family business and define, as a consequence, areas for improvement or enhancement, regardless of their role (founder, owner, staff, etc.). Thanks to the 12 VESTA training courses, users can then easily delve into key topics that enable the strengthening of Family Businesses (e.g., Governance, Intergenerational Transition, Communication, Digitization, etc.) and explore, with the support of a thematic bibliography/synography, peculiar aspects related to the world of Family Businesses.